Clyde Klunker "Big Al"

Human Inventor


Clyde was raised by his Uncle with help from his Grandparents after his parents were killed in a car accident when he was 7. They didn’t live in a great part of town and were robbed frequently. Because of this, Clyde got himself in shape to help protect his grandparents. He also found ways to make things the family needed out of spare parts and extra bits. He became very good with tools and regularly made things that amazed his grandparents and uncle. When he was in college, he came up with a design for eyeglasses made out of diamond that allowed the wearer to see much further and clearer than any other lens ever had. He was a success almost overnight. He was given the nickname “Big Al” soon after by a friend. At age 27, he lives in Brooklyn, in a modest apartment just doing basically whatever he wants. It’s a comfortable life.

6’8, 160 lbs.


Clyde Klunker "Big Al"

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