The Love Connection

From "falling in love" to "on the run"

First Date

We begin our story with Seth, in jail. He was caught graffiting a local building with anti government sentiment. He somehow manages to make the officer in charge believe that he was just intending to clean off the graffiti and the officers that caught him just got the wrong idea. He is freed and given a desk ticket to appear one week from today. As he leaves the station, he decides to attempt to steal a police cruiser. He gets the door open successfully but sets off the car's alarm in the process. He is caught leaving the seen but again somehow manages to make the officers believe that he is innocent. He walks away down the sidewalk. 

Clyde is drawn away from his tv show binge watching by the sounds of a car alarm going off. He peaks out the window and sees the police car, the officers, and a young man with many piercings talking to an officer. He watches as the man leaves the station and starts to come in the direction of his apartment building. He is curious as to what was happening at the station so invites the man out to the bar with him. The man (Seth) agrees and they head off to Clyde's favorite pub and grill, "O'Hannigan's Pub". 

Mona Lisa is taking 5 of her music class students on a field trip to watch the Manhattan Orchestra practice. The students throughly enjoy the session along with the question and answer sessson after. Mona meets Lilliana Andorra, the first chair Alto Sax player and they get to talking.  Lilliana mentions that she is interested in starting her own music school and wants to get some tips from Mona. They agree to meet for dinner that night at O'Hannigan's Pub. 



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